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Pupil takes part in "Joseph"

13th June 2017

Starting on Tuesday 13th I began a play called Joseph And The Amazing Technical Dreamcoat. It went on until Saturday's 8 o'clock show. The actor that played Joseph was X Factor winner Joe McElderry and the narrator of the story was Lucy Kay. I did the show with my friends I met at stagecoach, a singing dancing and acting school. It was great fun and worth the wait but it was also one of the best experiences in all my life! I enjoyed every second of it from the rehersals to the very end of the live performances. I made lots of friends there and everyone was so nice to me. The cast were lovely and would always stop to have a chat! Every time we went to the stage we had to go backstage which was really interesting and I just wanted to go off and explore, you could see all of the outfits, the cables, the man controlling the music, everything! I really want to do this again but if you ever get to do it remember its okay to be nervous, I was too, but just go for it!
Olivia W
Year 4