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Restorative Practice

Calton Primary is a Restorative school.


The Restorative Approach:


At Calton Primary, we have high expectations of our pupils. We encourage all children to try their best to achieve their goals. They should understand that it is the responsibility of staff and pupils to uphold and maintain our school code.


For occasions when this is proving not to be the case, we use restorative approaches to help pupils understand the impact of their actions and how to put it right. We believe that by using this Restorative Approach we are giving pupils the skills to independently make better and more informed choices in the future.


Restorative approaches encourage pupils to think about how their behaviour affects others, both pupils and staff. It helps children to develop respect, responsibility, oracy and truth telling. If a pupil in our school has been negatively affected by someone’s behaviour, we will try our very best to make sure they feel that it has been put right for them and that it will not happen again.


If a child has done something wrong they will be asked to put things right and change their behaviour so it does not happen again. All children are supported in a constructive way to face up to consequences which will be put in place as a result of the behaviours which have taken place.


By using the Restorative Approach it allows ALL parties to have their say AND be listened to.