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Panathlon Challenge Final

15th June 2017

On Thursday 15th June 2017 Mrs Yeomans and Ms Presdee took eight children to Hartpury College to participate in the Panathlon Challenge Finals. We were one of six schools from Gloucestershire competing in various sporting activities. 

The children started the day with an outside assault course challenge, which included football dribbling, sprinting, hurdles and a balancing activity. This event was timed and all members of the Calton Team made a fabulous contribution. Our champion for this particular even was Jaiden, who completed the course in 53 seconds!

Parachute Popcorn was the name of our next event. We all demonstrated brilliant teamwork and determination. We had to hold a large parachute and shake lots of small balls off, then collect all the balls as quickly as possible. Our first attempt was an amazing 24 seconds however with a few more attempts under our belt; we beat our original time to 16 seconds. A result of fantastic team work.

We quickly moved onto Boccia Blast, which certainly challenged us!  The children took turns to throw or roll a ball into a hoop and were able to score 1, 3 or 10 points. Rhys was the first to score, Javaree and Kerry quickly followed. Rhys scores the maximum point for the team. Great effort by everyone!

New Age Curling was a fantastic activity where the team were very determined to achieve as many points as possible. It required precision, control and patience. Javaree was determined to do well.

The children swiftly moved onto Just Football. Keira was the first to score for Calton followed by Callum, Jaiden, Jana and Jack. The goalie didn’t make things easy for them but they persevered.

Flight Path was our next event; the children had to aim carefully at the target to ensure the correct colour ball landed on the same colour ring on the target board. Each coloured ring had different amount of points, with yellow being allocated the most points as it was the bull’s eye. Calton proudly won this event overall by scoring 18 points. Everyone encouraged each other as they all understood how difficult this activity was.

Calton quickly moved onto Table Cricket and Precision Beanbag, again the children worked together using their skills to score as many points as they could. Some of the children found these events easy especially Jack, as he scored an amazing 100 point on the Precision Beanbag event!

 The team were fantastic and demonstrated excellent sportsmanship and won the overall event. We have now been invited to participate in a regional event in July! Congratulations Team!