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Story Time

Lending Library

The Playgroup operates a library system where all children may borrow a book to take home. Each book will be sent home in a plastic wallet marked with the child’s name and is to be returned to Playgroup and placed in the library box which is situated by the entrance door. The children may keep the book as long as they like or change it every day if they wish.


The use of the lending library helps the children to learn to make decisions and become responsible for other peoples possessions. Please encourage your child to take care of the books they bring home. We ask that all books borrowed are returned in the same condition; in the event of any damage occurring at home or lost books it will be the responsibility of the parent to replace it.


Please ensure all books are returned along with the child's plastic wallet before the end of each half term.


For young children learning to read is all about hearing rhythm and rhyme, looking at words, growing their vocabulary and most of all to develop a love of reading. As well as being an enjoyable experience for you and your child sharing a book together goes a long way to helping your child on the path to school


This is where it all starts. The children who learn to read quickly and easily are usually the ones who speak fluently, ask lots of questions and are generally at ease with oral language. So talk with your child as much as possible' at home, on the bus, in the car, in the park or wherever. Listen carefully to what he or she says and answer questions as fully as you can.


Then there is reading aloud. If possible read to your child at least once a day. Those children who are used to sharing the pleasures of books with adults have a head start with reading; they know the enjoyment it can offer. Let your children see you reading too. And don't forget about reading out the language that is all around us for example labels on sweet wrappers, TV adverts, road names etc.


Getting ready: A child beginning to read needs to know certain things that we take for granted. For instance that a book starts at the front and is read page by page to the back; that the words are read from left to right across the page and from top to bottom so when you read with your child make sure they can follow the words. Read the story slowly and run your finger under the words as you say them. You can do this several times and then perhaps suggest that your child joins in — don’t force this


Spend time on the pictures: these play a crucial part in early reading; indeed many picture books only work if both the words and the pictures are “read".


We hope you and your child find the lending library an enjoyable experience, if you have any questions or comments please see a member of staff.