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School Parliament

10th November 2017

School Parliament Elections Week

6th November – 10th November 2017

On Monday 6th November the Year 6 candidates had the opportunity to read their manifestos to the school in assembly. All candidates gave fantastic reasons for why they should be elected into School Parliament and why we should vote for them.

During Tuesday afternoon, the Year 6 candidates went around some of the classrooms to explain for one last time why they should be voted for and to answer any questions the children had.

Later in the week, children in Year 1 to 6 went into Gems Hall to vote for who they felt was the strongest candidate. Year 1 and 2 did a fantastic job designing the ballot sheets and Year 3 and 4 created brilliant ballot boxes for everyone to use. Congratulations to the following children for successfully being voted into school parliament: Emma (Prime Minister), Sienna (Chancellor of the Exchequer), Theo (Secretary of Year 6), Jaime (Foreign Secretary) and Phoebe  (Speaker of the House).

After seeing how the Year 6 candidates carried out an election, on Friday all classes in Year 1 to 6 carried out their own elections.