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Netball Tournament

19th October 2017

Year 6 – Netball Tournament

On the 19th October our four house teams went ‘head to head’ in their end of term netball tournament to fight to earn points for our school house cups.

Over the last 6 weeks, in PE lessons we have been learning and perfecting our skills of netball. Key objectives we have learnt are the 3 different types of passes: chest pass, shoulder pass and bounce pass and how to pivot. Pivoting is a key skill in netball as you are not allowed to move when you have caught the ball therefore the pivot allows you to turn and change direction allowing your team mates to find space for you to pass the ball on to them. We have also practised defending and attacking as well as shooting. Unfortunately, due to the rain, our tournament took place in the Gems hall although we had practised using the nets in previous PE lessons. Whilst inside, to score we had to get the ball to our team mate who was situated at one end of the court, stood in a hoop.

Each team had 5 players, 2 subs, 1 goal person and 1 referee. Children who were not taking part cheered on from the sidelines which created an electric atmosphere and showed great sportsmanship.

It was all very close and Mrs Preedy counted up the scores with help from Dabira. In 4th place and receiving 4 points for their house was Discovery, Enterprise and Atlantis came joint second each adding 7 points to their house cup campaign and the winners were Endeavour earning 10 points. Well done Endeavour.

Miss Burkett