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We are using DoodleMaths, the award-winning homework programme, with your child’s class! You’ll find your child’s username and password in their WOW book – please ask the teacher if you cannot find this.


Simply follow these steps to make sure your child is ready to make the most of DoodleMaths:

- Download the DoodleMaths and the DoodleTables apps


- Ask your child to sign in, using the details attached (remember, it’s case sensitive!)

- Tap on the Grown Ups section and follow the instructions there to link yourself to your child
- Work with your child to go through the set-up phase if they’re in EYFS or KS1
- Let your child work through their X-a-day exercise without any help - encourage them to do it independently and if they're really unsure, guess!
- Download the DoodleConnect app (available on iOS) - you can see a snapshot of what your children are doing: https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/doodlemaths-primary-maths/id598196680

Why DoodleMaths?


- Has been proven to help children make big improvements in both their ability and confidence in maths - using for 10 minutes a day has helped children make 3 months of progress in just 1 month.
- Learns what your child’s strengths are, and what they need to work on, then builds a programme just for them.
- Is fun and engaging!

It’s easy for you to be involved at home by using the DoodleConnect app and the Parent Dashboard to track their progress. We also add to the newsletter children who are in the Green Zone and out Topdoodlers – don’t let our children miss out!


Encourage them to earn at least 50 DoodleStars a week (or 100+ to catch up or get ahead) and get instant updates through your app.

If you have any questions, or want to know more, take a look at the DoodleMaths FAQ page on their website, or speak to the team by clicking on the green chat icon on the website: https://www.doodlemaths.com/how-it-works/

Happy Doodling!

Daily Maths Teaching

The children complete Mini Maths each day – focused on a different area of revision daily.  Links are made from previous year groups learning and built upon.

The main teaching follows the White Rose scheme of work. 45 minutes of time daily is dedicated to working through ‘do it’, ‘secure it’ and ‘deepen it’ type questions linked to the objective. The Maths curriculum has been carefully mapped out into small steps to ensure complete coverage and opportunity for depth of understanding.

‘Do it’ focuses on the skill aspect of the objective whilst ‘secure it’ and ‘deepen it’ focus on the skill embedded within problem solving contexts. Pupils have access to Maths that challenges them; building on the learning of the skills they need and have learnt. Intervention is provided for pupils as and when required.


Inter Rail Section

From Reception through to Year 6 the children work through different Inter Rail station targets to improve their mental maths ability. Each ticket contains different targets and the children learn these skills until they are fluent in the objectives and can recite them without hesitation and at speed.

The Doodle Tables part of Doodle Maths helps to support many of the targets on the Inter Rail. The home learning policy outlines the expectation for the number of times the Inter Rail targets should be practiced per week. You will find your child’s targets in their WOW book.

The Inter Rail tickets are attached below.

We also use S.T.O.P.S problem solving, investigations and Doodle Maths as part of our regular teaching.