In our latest pupil questionnaire 91% of children said they feel safe at school. 90% of children felt listened to by adults. Of all children, 92% would recommend the school to a friend - an increase of 4% from last year. 93% of children said their teacher tells/shows them how to make their work better and 94% say their teacher helps them when they get stuck. When asked, 91% of children know who they can go to or talk to if they have worries.

Head's Welcome

We are “Confident People Shining”; this is the vision of Calton Primary School. We are an inclusive school welcoming pupils and their families from all parts of the local community.  We are a large primary school on the outskirts of Gloucester city and underwent an exciting regeneration in 2016 to accommodate our growing number of pupils. At Calton Primary School we encourage children to be happy, confident and learn to their best ability and to this end we help them to develop self-confidence, to understand their interdependence on each other and to respect everyone of other cultures, beliefs and ways of life.  Through the curriculum we aim to develop the intellectual curiosity of all children in order for them to become lifelong learners whilst understanding we should always exercise academic rigour for the children to achieve well. We believe in the importance of ensuring our children and families are fully supported whilst at Calton Primary School. Our effective pastoral team helps to make this happen with the care and guidance they offer. We have excellent links with outside providers and agencies and always strive to ensure partnerships that enrich the lives of our school community.  We strive to develop Skills for life, supporting each other in our Team, Achieving our best and always showing Respect because Successful learners are the STARS at Calton Primary School.