In our latest pupil questionnaire 91% of children said they feel safe at school. 90% of children felt listened to by adults. Of all children, 92% would recommend the school to a friend - an increase of 4% from last year. 93% of children said their teacher tells/shows them how to make their work better and 94% say their teacher helps them when they get stuck. When asked, 91% of children know who they can go to or talk to if they have worries.

Boys Football

8th March 2018

Boys Football

Thursday 8th March 2018

After the recent snow postponed the original cup date, Calton finally played their cup quarter final against Tredworth and Elmbridge. Each team were playing each other with the team with the most points going through to the semi-final.

Calton started off playing Tredworth with an entertaining game played, Calton creating some good chances and a draw was a fair result. Some good inter play was evident as they passed their way through and around the opposition.

The game versus Elmbridge was a cagey match with little chances during the first half, however during the second half all the hard work was undone as Elmbridge upped the pressure and scored some deserved goals as they ran out comfortable winners.

Final scores

Calton 1 Tredworth 1

Calton 0 Elmbridge 3

This brings our competitive season to a close, all the boys who have represented the school this year have done themselves proud and some pleasing displays and wins have been their reward.

Thank you to all the parents who have supported all of the boys throughout the season.

Mr Coughlin.