In our latest pupil questionnaire 91% of children said they feel safe at school. 90% of children felt listened to by adults. Of all children, 92% would recommend the school to a friend - an increase of 4% from last year. 93% of children said their teacher tells/shows them how to make their work better and 94% say their teacher helps them when they get stuck. When asked, 91% of children know who they can go to or talk to if they have worries.

Soak a Teacher

23rd June 2017

Soak a Teacher

Friday 23rd June

After a really warm and sunny week, Soak a Teacher to raise money for the Guide Dogs charity seemed really appealing. Friday came along and the sun disappeared and it even tried raining!

Mr Coughlin, Mr Gower, Mr Breen, Mr Dowling, Miss Webb, Miss Burkett and Miss Buck all braved the changeable weather and countless sponges being thrown at them! It got quite chilly towards the end!

Thank you to all who supported this event, lots of sponges thrown were quite accurate and all of the teachers got soaked! Even more so when Miss D had an idea that selling buckets of water for £3 would be fun!

The overall total for the Guide Dogs was £149.75!