Starting School

Children may start at our school on the Autumn Term of the school year in which they will become five years old. Parents and Carers of children entering school for the first time will be contacted by the school in order to arrange a suitable tiime for visits. We encourage new intake children to come and join us for one afternoon per week in the term before they start school. We also make provision for new Reception children to have a "phased" in period into school. This will be in consultation with Parents and |Carers and is on a "needs" basis for each child. It is anticipated that all children will be in school full time by the first term break in the Autumn - with most children being full time after the first two/three weeks in school.

We strongly believe that the needs of each individual child are paramount at the start of their school life.
Admissions Policy

As a Community School our Admissions Policy is determined by the Local Authority. We accommodate 180 children in the school, with our cohort size set at 60 per year group. Please note that for one year only, academic year 2012-2013 our intake will be a cohort of 90 children (3 classes) and a new classroom is being created for this purpose. The criteria which is used for admissions is as follows:
  • Children in Publis Care (Looked After Children)
  • Children who have siblings attending the school at the time the application is admitted
  • Children for whom only one particular school is appropriate due to an exceptional medical condition. Applications under this criteria will only be considered if they are supported by a written statement for the child's doctor, which has been submitted with the application. This must demonstrate that there is a very specific connection between the medical need and the facilities or resources of the school concerned
  • Children with the strongest geographical claim, measured in a straight line from the ordnance survey address point of the child's home address (including flats) to the ordnance survey address point of the school, using the Local Authority's computerised measuring system, with those living closer to the school receiving the higher priority.
Where any particular category at points 1 - 3 is oversubscribed, criterion 4 (strongest geographical claim based on straight line distance) will be used to determine which child is offered a place.

In the event of a tie between two or more children when applying criterion 4 (strongest geographical claim based on straight line distance) where there are not enough places available to offer all children a place at the school, a process of random application will be followed by the Local Authority. This will be in the form of a manual process which is overseen by an independent person for the Legal Services and Monitoring Team. Where twins or children from multiple births are part of the random allocation process they will be considered as one applicant if the number of available places allows.

The Head Teacher and Governors are responsible for maintaining manageable class sizes, within the levels established by the Government, Local Authority and Governors. Therefore, admission may be refused where it is considered that any further increase in class sizes would be detrimental to the education of those children already admitted.

All Parents and Carers have a right to appeal to the Local Authority.